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How to keep a hitter’s front side from flying open

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One of the biggest mistakes hitters make at all levels is opening the front side up too soon on the swing.  Here are several phrases, all of which describe basically the same thing:

  • “stepping in the bucket”
  • “flying off the ball”
  • “pulling your hip out”
  • “pulling your head off the ball”
  • “rotating away from the pitch”

There are others also but the common denominator in all of them is that the hitter’s front side of the body is acting like the pitch is inside before seeing where the pitch is actually going.

As today’s video tip explains, lots of attention can be placed on the mechanical side of this hitting issue. Sometimes, however, all it takes is a small mental adjustment.


2 Responses to “How to keep a hitter’s front side from flying open”
  1. joel lobb says:

    Great info. Will pass on to my team

  2. Great info. Never thought of it as a way to keep a player from flying open, but we use a similar method by setting up a soft toss net behind 2nd baseman and SS positions and one at 2nd base trying to get players to hit to sections of the field.

    An idea for coaches – During BP (use 3 rounds with 7-5-7) and give points for hitting lines drives (5 points) into the pull side net and 10 points for OPO net or 2nd base net and 1 point for grounders hit between the nets and the players tally up their points for a daily winner. Anything to the “outside” (right field or left field) of 2nd or SS is a minus 1 score. Also set up cones at the start of the grass, in front of home plate, aligning with a straight line to SS and 2nd. The batters all have to bunt 4 balls before being allowed to swing away. The bunts must go to the outside of the cones (towards the foul line) and they get points for proper bunts. Post the scores in your clubhouse. Adding points to BP can make it fun for the players.

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