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Everyday is opening day!

April 5, 2012 by  
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Today is the official start to the major league season.  Opening day.  There is nothing like it in baseball.

Every game should be thought of as opening day!

If you listened to my podcast interview with Toronto Blue Jays Performance Coach Steve Springer, you heard him talk about the value of not focusing on stats.  In his words … “the batting average is Satan!”  That’s why opening day is so fun and full of optimism.  No stats to clog your head.

What Steve tries to promote in the players he works with is that “everyday is opening day” in your mind.  The point is, it may be the middle of the season, our average may not be where we’d like it, it may be hot and humid, but if our mind approaches the game as if it’s opening day, we are going to be sharp and focused.

Whether today is your first game, 10th game, or 100th game … it needs to be opening day in your head!


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