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Election 2012

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People are waking up today to find that the President of the United States has been re-elected in this year’s Presidential race.  On one

Getting a great coach is nice but it by no means should stop your development if you don't.

side there will be cheers and the other tears.  Such is life.

As a social studies teacher, I follow politics fairly closely.  What always amazes me is how many people on both sides truly believe their future success as individuals depends on who wins the election.  This is like a baseball player believing that they will or will not play in college based on who their high school coach is.  It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Of course, a good coach to a talented player can be worth their weight in gold.  However, if that player is convinced that one person, other than himself,  will determine his baseball fate, he might as well just stop playing.  I can remember a time long ago when I was young when I came home from a game complaining about how bad I thought my coach was.  My dad’s only response was “So?”  His point was, the coach doesn’t hit the ball for you, throw the ball for you, or run the bases for you.  Your performance in the game is completely your own responsibility.  Period.  If your coach is lacking, make adjustments until you figure out a way that it will not hamper your development.  Do more work on your own.  Read a book about hitting if the coach isn’t good in that area.  Partner up with a successful pitcher and pick his brain if the pitching coach isn’t helping you.

America’s true past-time is complaining about external things and expecting others to solve your problems.  In the game, some are blessed to have a coach who is very qualified.  Some aren’t.  Which ever one a player has should be irrelevant to him.  It’s the player’s career and ultimately his own responsibility to manage it.

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