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eBook: 50 Hitting Drills!

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Time to hit! 60 drills in all!

I am very pleased to announce my first paid product for the website!  It’s another eBook and this time it’s for Hitting!  It’s called Time to Hit!  Information about the eBook is below.  Thanks in advance to all who support the site by purchasing the eBook.  Your purchases will go a long way in making sure the site stays (mostly) ad free!

Here is what you’ll get!

  • 50 hitting drills plus 10 FREE Bonus Drills!  That’s 60 drills total!
  • Detailed explanations of how to do each drill safely and properly.
  • A listing of what each drill attempts to work on
  • Basic hitting drill tips to get the most out of any drill you do
  • A five star ranking system that ranks every drill according to ease to perform and overall effectiveness.
  • Equipment tips and “must-haves” for hitting drills
  • All drills are indexed three ways:  by number, by number of stars, AND by the hitting concept addressed!

Click the More Info button for additional details and purchasing information.  

Thank you in advance for your support of Baseball By The Yard! 


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