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Don’t EVER make this mistake!

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Turn the volume off on your computer (so you can’t hear the announcers) and click on the following link for a short MLB video clip.  What is the mistake the 3rd baseman makes?

If you don’t notice the mistake right away, watch it again and stop it at the 00:15 mark.  

See it now?

Know the conditions!  Know where the sun is!  Put the $#@% glasses on!

He may not have caught it anyway but if you don’t have glasses or don’t have them on at the time, you deserve an avalanche of criticism.


One Response to “Don’t EVER make this mistake!”
  1. Aren’t sunglasses in their proper position on top of the bill of a cap? That is where I thought they went since I watch many MLB players put them there. (sarc)

    In the military it is called SA. Situational Awareness. We used the sun many times during air combat. Making another fighter look into the sun to find a target is tough.

    Also, why do most baseball players use their glove hand to block the sun. Always found that silly. IF you watch him, the player blocks the sun with the glove and then when he goes to move the glove to catch the ball the sun blocks his view again. Who would have thought! I know the glove blocks more but while it is blocking the sun it can not be lined up to catch the ball. Since your throwing hand should be close to your glove anyway (catch the ball with two hands) use your throwing hand to block the sun so your glove hand is free to be in line for catching the ball.

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