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Create your own “good luck”

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The Phillies had a tough, 9th inning loss the other day to the Mets.  It’s been a tough year for the Phightin’ Phils and many

You'll have little need for one of these if you just play the game right



have used the phrase “bad luck” when describing the Phillies woes.  When it comes to the injury bug, sometimes bad luck does come into play.  Being hit by a pitch, diving a little weird after a ball or into a bag, and other occurrences can land a guy on the DL through no real fault of his own.  The Phillies have had a lot of that this year.  However, sometimes the word “luck” is used too much in sports.  In an article by David SChoenfield for, the following was written about the hard loss by the Phils.

Phillies fans can cry bad luck. But this 6-5 victory for the Mets was all about terrific at-bats with the game on the line, hitters fighting off pitches and creating their own good luck …. I saw several tweets from Phillies fans complaining about bad luck in the inning: Papelbon could have just as easily made a play on Murphy’s hit, or Wright’s blooper could have been caught. I say nonsense. Papelbon had a terrible at-bat against the weak-hitting Valdespin; he made a terrible pitch to Murphy; and Pence, a right fielder with poor defensive this season, lumbered after a ball that many right fielders would have caught. 
On this night, the Mets made the plays and the Phillies did not. There was no bad luck.

He is absolutely correct.  Create your own “good luck” by playing the game the right way.

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