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Congrats to all the coaches

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In my area (Philadelphia), high school and college teams are pretty much done except for the

Congrats coaches! You are making a difference.

select few that have proceeded far into the playoffs.  Players are (hopefully) moving on to their summer league schedules and coaches are contemplating how their seasons went.  For some, the year was a great one with many wins, good memories, and good baseball.  For others, it may have been a challenging year of losses, poor chemistry, and disgruntled parents.  Baseball is a strange game and the dynamics of a team can change easily from year to year.

Regardless of how you fared this year, I wanted to congratulate all the coaches out there. Coaching at any level is quite a challenge and the money, if you get any, doesn’t really come close to matching the time worked.  For most, that’s fine since you do it more for the game and the kids than for the financial reward.  One thing that people beyond the coaching world do not know is that 95% of what you do never is seen by outsiders.  Because it goes unseen it is often unappreciated.  That’s why I say congratulations to all the coaches out there.  Whether your team finished in first or last, your efforts are appreciated by the game.  The game continues because of the work you continue to do.

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