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Choosing a college – Part 2

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Where in the world is Kutztown?

Actually Kutztown is a small D2 state school about an hour and a half northwest of Philadelphia.  It’s also where Giants pitcher Ryan Vogelsong attended.  Based on his performance the other night (as well as the last two seasons for that matter) you’d probably think he turned pro directly out of high school or at least attended one of the major colleges that tend to gobble up these type of pitchers.  But that wasn’t the case for Vogelsong.  That’s because he was a late bloomer.

His story is a great one for young players who are in search of the perfect school.  Unfortunately, too many kids in that situation believe that going to a big time college is their only hope in getting to the big leagues.  Although many MLB players who attended college do come from top programs, by no means is your dream over with if you attend a smaller school.  As I wrote in this post HERE, if you are good, the scouts will find you.

Of the four MLB teams still in the playoffs, all include a number of former college players.  The colleges attended are listed below.  As you’ll see, schools of all shapes and sizes are represented.  They are spread out over the entire country as well.  Although the competition at the top D1 programs might give some players an advantage, players like Ryan Vogelsong prove that young players should not be overly concerned about that D1 scholarship offer that doesn’t come.  It does not mean the dream is over.

Kutztown? Cowley County?

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