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Catchers do not need to know who is covering

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On a recent video post I mentioned that we all have pet peeves as coaches.  In the video I explained why a shortstop yelling “inside” or

There's lots of things catchers should say.  "Who is covering?" is not one of them.

There’s lots of things catchers should say. “Who is covering?” is not one of them.

“outside” to a first basemen on a 3-6-3 double play irks me.  To see the video, click HERE.

Today’s post involves another one of my pet peeves.  This time it involves catchers.

With a runner on first base, how many of you have seen a catcher move out in front of home plate and get the attention of the middle infielders to see which one is covering second base on the steal? 

I’ve seen it too many times.  Even at the high school level where the catchers should know better.

There is ABSOLUTELY no need for a catcher to know who is covering.  His job is to throw it to the bag if the runner steals.  That’s it.  It is the job of the middle infielders to determine who is covering.  That will sometimes be determined on a pitch by pitch basis depending on the count, outs, who is batting, etc.  In fact, if the batter/other team knows who is covering – because the middle infielders have just announced it – they have a distinct advantage because if a hit-and-run is on, the batter now knows where to hit the ball.

I love take-charge catchers who are very vocal generals on the field.  There aren’t enough of them.  However, there are some things that should remain silent.  Knowing who is covering second base on the steal is one of them. 


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  1. Glen says:

    I absolutely agree. I train my catchers (as I was taught) throw to the bag it is the job of the middle infield to catch it. Catchers should be an on field coach and run the defense. The catcher is there to move players based upon the batter or situation. My catchers can call a family meeting at the mound to chastise or motivate as they see fit.

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