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Crow hop on the 1-6-3 play

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A hard one-hopper is hit right back to the pitcher.  He knows it’s a sure double play.  He fields it, turns, and proceeds to throw it into center field.   There are several things that could have gone wrong but one of the biggest is not taking a little bit of a crow hop towards second base before the throw.

Build in a crow hop for the shortstop

Build in a crow hop for the shortstop

The throw from the pitchers mound to second base is not very far.  That’s why many pitchers make the mistake of not crow hopping on their throw.  They don’t really need it so why bother?  The reason to do so is not for the pitcher.  It’s for the shortstop.

Pitchers need to remember that on a hard come backer they will catch, turn, and be able to throw faster than the shortstops ability to get to the bag.  The crow hop gives the shortstop time to get to the bag.

So, when you are doing your PFP (Pitchers Fielding Practice) drills, be sure to make the pitchers get into the habit of using a crow hop.  Their shortstops will thank them when the season begins.

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