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A base running drill I bet you never did

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I’m a firm believer that if you expect players to do something in a game, you had better practice it beforehand.  If a player screws something up that we never practiced then I consider it my fault not his.  

Today’s video tip is a drill I’d bet rarely ever gets practiced.  As you will see, it has all of the following things going on at once.

  1. A runner on third practices his sprint home.
  2. A runner on second practices his angles and proper inside-corner bag touch at third and scores.
  3. The lead runner makes sure the bat is out of the way so a teammate will not have to slide on it or avoid it on a play at home plate.
  4. The lead runner also turns to tell the trailing runner to “stay up” or “slide.”

Incorporate all that in their drill and they will do it in the game!

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