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2B double plays: It starts with the left foot

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If you are a second baseman, you are probably aware that there are multiple ways to turn a

Left foot on the bag, then catch.

double play.  Some second baseman come across the bag on the turn.  Some step back off the bag towards right field.  Some position themselves behind the bag towards centerfield as I described in this post.  Some may even straddle the bag. (Note: I am currently in the process of creating a full length video on starting and turning double plays from all positions involved!)

Regardless of what method a second baseman uses, it all starts with the left foot.  By that I mean the left foot steps on the bag.  Depending on the situation and from where the ball is being thrown, the second baseman will then step with his right foot when catching the throw.  Future videos and posts will give much more details of this process but all second baseman need to get to the bag as soon as possible and put their left foot on the bag.

Everything else proceeds from there.  Screw up this fundamental aspect of a double play and it tends to spiral downward from there.

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