Saturday, February 24th, 2018


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Here is what people are saying about

Coach McCreary and Baseball By The Yard

“Combined with the in-practice lessons and out-of-practice conversations, your passed down knowledge gave me an entirely new understanding, recognition, and respect for the game of baseball outside of the simple physical parts. That, undoubtedly, is one of the most valuable things that has ever been bestowed upon me, and it’s something that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life.” 

T.J., former high school player of Coach McCreary

“Coach McCreary does a great job of breaking down the needed skills without over-explaining them. His instruction is succinct and to the point, but not so overly technical that it’s a “dry” read.  This is one of my favorite coaching blogs with tons of nuts & bolts information that you can put to use right away.”   

K.M., daily reader

“Every player you have coached is a step ahead of every other baseball player on and off the field and that is all thanks to you.”

Mark, former high school player of Coach McCreary

“I’ve gotten a lot out of baseballbytheyard.  It’s a great read each and every day.” 

Coach Matheny, Martinsburg H.S. Baseball

“All college coaches I talked to always talked about how great of a program that you run. I think I can safely say this for others that you really helped a lot of us out both on and off the field and with recruiting. Every college coach regards you highly in this area.”

Ryan, former high school player of Coach McCreary

“Baseball By The Yard is a quality website that is convenient and helpful for any student of the game of baseball. Coach McCreary does an excellent job presenting information on a daily basis that can help coaches and players improve their craft.  I visit the website several times a week and find it to be a valuable resource for my coaching toolbox.”

Eddie Loesner
Head Baseball Coach Northern Nash High School, NC

“Baseball By the Yard is an invaluable resource for a coach, player and parent. Coach McCreary does a great job covering all areas of the game in easy to understand formats. His knowledge and passion for baseball has created a major league level blog.”

Jason B.  High School coach and daily reader

“Since finding Baseball By The Yard a little less than a year ago, it has quickly become my favorite and most-used source for baseball information.  I have found a great mix of playing tips, coaching tips, mental pointers and philosophical thoughts, useful for instructing and encouraging at every level of the game.  BBTY is an invaluable resource for the world of baseball instruction.”

Stephen C. Black, parent of a H.S. player

“As a youth baseball coach and a parent of young players, I find coach McCreary’s ‘Baseball by the Yard’ blog to be a must read. Baseball is a hard game to play, and his blog can be very helpful in breaking down those tough aspects into understandable learning situations that even a 10 year old can grasp.”


“This site is fantastic, the information can be used across the board for kids playing in their first games or young men trying to get better for high school and college.  The information is given to you in a way that allows everyone to follow it and understand it.  Keep up the good work.”

daily reader

“I stumbled across this website this past year. I have found so many articles of interest for both myself and my son who is currently playing at a lower level D1 school in the Patriot League. I send him a link to one article or another every couple of weeks. The site has terrific information.  I feel like I have been around the game for quite while as a parent and coach up into a high school level, but the site demonstrates there is something new to learn at every turn.  I have it on my favorites and check often.  Great stuff!”

“Coach McCreary’s attention to detail and the finer points of baseball separates him and Baseball By the Yard from any other baseball website I have ever used.”  

Jim H, former middle school coach

“Coach McCreary is not only a fantastic coach. He is an ambassador of the game whose passion and knowledge of baseball make his website a valuable tool for all coaches and players.”

Scott Illiano

  West Essex HS Head Baseball Coach   2010 NFHS Northeast Region Coach of the Year   Author- Our Time- A High School Baseball Coach’s Journey